Rosehip, properties and uses

Rosehip, properties and uses

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There Rosehipis the species of spontaneous rose (wild rose) more common in Italy, it is not uncommon to come across this species ofpinkwalking among hedges or on the edge of the woods.

Dog rose or wild rose

Its thorny shrub is between 100 and 300 cm tall and bears single or grouped flowers in 2 - 3 specimens, with a diameter of 4 - 7 cm. The plant gets its namecanineto Pliny the Elder who reported in his writings the salutary virtues of the plant: a decoction of rose roots, according to Pliny the Elder, had managed to cure a Roman soldier of anger!

ThereRosehipit can be considered "the mother of all roses", in fact it is the ancestor of roses and hybrids cultivated today.

It is a woody plant with wintering buds placed between 30 and 200 cm above the ground. As it grows wild, it is also known aswild rose.

Therewild roseit is in effect a thorny shrub, broad-leaved (with broad leaves) and deciduous (it loses its leaves in late autumn). It has very deep roots and toothed leaves (17-22 teeth on the margin).

Flowering period of the wild rose

The flowering period runs from May to July, while the berries ripen between October and November. The false fruit ofRosehipit looks like a red berry, with a fleshy consistency. It is produced by the modification of the floral receptacle and contains, within it, the achenes which represent the true fruit ofRosehip. The achenes contain the seeds.

The “red berries” of roses are botanically known as rose hips, they are edible (yes, they can be eaten, but they are sour) as well as useful in the preparation of natural remedies.

Rosehip: properties and benefits

Although not scented, the flowers are beautiful to contemplate and can be useful for the preparation of various natural remedies.

ThereRosehipit is popular for its charm but it is even more popular for itsproperty: it is widely used for its very high contents of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Among the active ingredients of Rosehip we mention, in addition to vitamin C and phytoestrogens, tannins, organic acids, pectins, carotenoids and polyphenols.

In the industrial field, theRosehipattracts the attention of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and herbal sectors. Different parts of the rosehip are used:

Edible rose hips

The fruits, once dried and chopped, are used for the preparation of infusions and decoctions. In addition, the fresh fruits can give life to excellent jams.

fruits of the wild rose or dog rose

The seeds of the wild rose

The seeds, extracted from the achenes, are used in organic farming for the preparation of pesticides.

The flowers of the wild rose

The flowers are exploited in beekeeping to give life to pink honey. Wraps based on rosehip and distilled water can be a real godsend for those with particularly delicate skin.

In addition, the rosehip petals can be useful in the kitchen to prepare docli and jams. For recipes with wild rose, I refer you to the pages:

  • Pesto and rose jam
  • Sweets with rose petals

Rosehip, natural remedies

Thanks to his anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins, theRosehipit is used as a folk remedy for the treatment of conjunctivitis and asthma.

It is used to improve the absorption of calcium and iron and for the prevention of allergy: the bud extract of the young shoots ofRosehiphaspropertyimmunomodulating, that is, it manages to regulate the body's immune response making it more ready to prevent or mitigate the symptoms of all forms of allergy.

The small fruits (the berries of theRosehip) are "natural sources" of Vitamin C. The vitamin C levels of rosehip berries they can exceed up to 100 times those found in oranges: 100 grams of rosehip berries contain the same amount of vitamin C as contained in one kg of oranges!

The vitaminizing action is associated with the antioxidant action of the aforementioned bioflavonoids contained in the pulp and peel. This combination makes rosehip berries a great help for blood circulation.

It is also for this reason that bud extracts are the best way to exploit the benefits of rose hips.

How to take advantage of properties of dog rose

It is always advisable to rely on the opinion of a herbalist expert and the following instructions are not intended to replace those reported on the information sheet of the titrated and standardized product you purchase.

The properties of dog rose they can be best exploited through the use of mother tincture, infusions and macerates.

Petal macerates or shoots macerates can be prepared. THE natural remedies that can be prepared with theRosehipare they really numerous, an example? 40 drops of bud extract can be a natural remedy to keep seasonal ailments away and prevent the appearance of allergy symptoms.

Where to buy rosehip bud extract? In herbal medicine or taking advantage of online buying. On Amazon, for example, a product with an excellent value for money is offered at a cost of 13.90 euros and free shipping. For all information, I refer you to "this Amazon page". Don't worry, we have reported a product approved by the Ministry of Health and 100% natural.

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