Refurbishment of the roof and solar panels

Refurbishment of the roof and solar panels

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Theroof renovationit is necessary when the cover has been neglected for a long time and shows signs of wear.

We intervene with theroof renovationwhen you want to improve the aesthetics of your home, consolidate the structure or take advantage of theroofas a tool to produce clean electricity by installingsolar panels.

A roof that has long been neglected can force owners to invest large sums of money for repairs and repairsroof renovation.

How much does it cost to redo a roof

It all depends on the type of interventionmakeover. Today it is possible to achieve good results without excessive investment. The cost of theroof renovation is determined by several factors:

  • duration of the works
  • materials used
  • height of the house

In general, the cost of theroof renovationoscillates between 800 euros for simple interventions and 50,000 euros for the renovation of a very large roof with high quality materials. Excluding the striking cases where it is necessary to intervene with the renovation of a roofvery large, usually the maximum expenditure does not exceed 12,000 euros.

Refurbishment of the roof and solar panels

Who intendsredo the roofyou can start asking for different types of quotes and consider making essential changes to your coverage.

Consider the possibility of insulating the roof with insulating materials and / or creating windows to ventilate the attic or skylights useful for maximizing natural lighting in the house.

Another benefit for anyone intending to run theroof renovationconsists of the possibility of installingsolar panels. Photovoltaic modules allow you to generate electricity while a small system with thermal solar panels can take care of the production of domestic hot water or even provide for the heating and cooling of domestic environments. To evaluate the implementation of aphotovoltaic roofin conjunction with the work ofroof renovationwe refer you to the articles:

  • How much does a photovoltaic roof cost
  • Photovoltaic incentives
  • Thermal account (for solar thermal)
  • Install a photovoltaic roof

Roof renovation, types of intervention

Forredo the roofyou can intervene with the most disparate jobs. The simplest interventions involve replacing theshingles, consider buying photovoltaic tiles while if the tiles to replace are few, consider doing it yourself, remembering to act in complete safety.

Another "simple" and accessible intervention involves the reconstruction of the roof with the application of an asphaltic canvas. It is a solution for waterproofing roofs especially in areas with a high rate of annual rainfall. It can solve the problem of humidity and mold on walls and ceilings.

Those who live in very particular climatic areas can consider installing sandwich panels, which are extremely resistant to wear and offer good thermal insulation, far superior to that offered with tiles.

Incentives for the refurbishment of the roof

Forredo the roofIncentives and tax deductions are available. You can access all the information by reading the article dedicated todeductions for restructuring.

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