Brewer's yeast, properties and uses

Brewer's yeast, properties and uses

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Thebrewer's yeastconsists of colonies ofSaccharomices cerevisiae, microscopic unicellular fungi capable of multiplying rapidly.

The name "brewer's yeast "derives from the origins of theSaccharomices cervisiae,used in ancient times for the production of beer. Even today, much of thebrewer's yeastmarketed as a supplement, it is a by-product of beer fermentation.

What is the difference between thebrewer's yeastused in cooking and thebrewer's yeastused as a supplement?
The differences betweenbrewer's yeastfood and thebrewer's yeasttaken as a supplement lies in the degree of hydration. Brewer's yeast used to make bread and pizzas is also calledlive yeastfor its fermentation capabilities (in fact, it makes the mash "rise") and cannot be consumed pure because it would be destroyed by gastric acids before reaching the intestine. Thebrewer's yeastused as a supplement it is also called “dry brewer's yeast”, it preserves all the nutritional factors and, thanks to a particular dehydration process, the fermentation capacity remains inactive.

Brewer's yeast - Properties

The beneficial properties of Brewer's yeast they are linked to the bioactive substances contained in it. From a nutritional point of view, thebrewer's yeastit is rich in proteins, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

It is commonplace to think that brewer's yeast is good for skin, hair and nails, in fact it is! Thebrewer's yeastplays a trophic function on the skin and its appendages (stimulates the growth of nails, skin and hair), it also helps purify the body. Thanks to the presence of microorganisms and live ferments, the brewer's yeast it is recommended for those who want to promote the regularity of their intestines. It is particularly indicated following antibiotic-based therapy or if you have a lazy bowel.

A stimulating action for our immune defenses is added to the trophic action for skin and appendages: thanks to the B vitamins, thebrewer's yeastit manages to improve our immune defenses and in case of anemia, it helps erythrocyte production (formation of red blood cells).

As stated, thebrewer's yeastit is a good source of protein so it can be taken formufflethe harms of an unbalanced diet.

Brewer's Yeast - Calories

Does brewer's yeast make you fat? No! The dry brewer's yeast(supplement) provides 56 calories for every 100 grams of product. In practice it is recommended to ingest a maximum of 4 tablets per day, ie 400 mg, about 20 calories!

Theedible brewer's yeast(alive), provides 105 calories for every 100 grams of product.

Brewer's yeast - Contraindications and advice

On purchase packages, it is recommended to consume 2-4 tablets of brewer's yeast throughout the day, accompanied by one or more glasses of water.

Among the contraindications we point out that thebrewer's yeastIt should NOT be used in case of candida, or in the presence of individual reactions of intolerances.

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