The best internet providers

The best internet providers

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The best internet providers they offer stable and fast connections, integrated tariffs for telephony with unlimited calls and, not infrequently, additional services such as streaming TV, music or sporting events.

Between ADSL, optical fiber, Mobile Internet with 4G and 4G Plus, there is really plenty of choice to choose who to contact regarding your connection.

Fastweb offers four different Internet tariffs: SuperJet, in promotion for 12 months at 25 euros per month, with Internet flat (even up to 100 Mbps with the UltraFibra offer, free for one year) and telephone to landlines and mobile phones without limits; Jet, Internet flat and telephone only with connection fee, at 20 euros per month in promotion; Joy, Internet flat optimized for gaming and in addition 6 months free for the Entertainment or Cinema ticket of Sky Online, at 19 euros per month for six months. In addition, there is the joint Sky and Fastweb offer Home Pack Full ADSL, from 25 euros a month for 12 months in promotion, to also access the catalog of Rupert Murdoch's TV.

Between best internet providers there is also Telecom, with its offers TIM Smart Home (29 euros per month in promotion, with unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones and ADSL up to 20 Mbps, and 10 euros more for the integrated mobile offer with 500 minutes per month and 2 gigabytes of Internet traffic) or maximum speed with AllFiber (is AllFiber Plus in Milan): 30 Mbps download speed, fiber modem, calls included at 29 euros for 6 months by 30 September.

Vodafone proposes instead Super Fiber Family is Super Fiber at 30 and 25 euros per month for twelve months: unlimited Internet up to 300 megs, unlimited calls or calls with only a connection fee, a 1 GB SIM for Internet outside the home and the Vodafone Station Revolution. For ADSL there are instead Super ADSL Family is Super ADSL always at 30 and 25 euros per month.

Infostrada offers are Absolute ADSL (ADSL up to 20 megs and calls at 0 cents / minute to everyone, at € 19.95 per month for all new customers in promotion) and All Inclusive Unlimited (ADSL up to 20 megs and unlimited phone calls to all, landlines, mobile and international) for 29.95 euros per month.

Finally between the best Internet providers there is Tiscali, with offers All Included Light (€ 24.95 per month for two years, for ADSL up to 20 Mbps, unlimited calls to national landlines and free 500 minutes per month to national and international landlines, with connection fee of 20 cents and 2 months of Infinity in tribute) and All Inclusive Full (ADSL up to 20 Mbps, free unlimited calls to all national landlines and mobile phones, free 60 minutes per month of calls to all international landlines at 27.95 euros per month forever and 12 months of Infinity).

To get to know everyone the best providers Internet the advice is always to visit ours comparator to better compare the offers and find the most convenient according to our needs.

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