Vinegar to clean the house: bathroom, floors, dishwasher ...

Vinegar to clean the house: bathroom, floors, dishwasher ...

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Vinegar to clean home: from the bathroom to the floors, from the washing machine to the tiles up to cleaning the dishwasher and iron. Here's how to use vinegar.

L'vinegar it is an infallible ally to eliminate all types of dirt. In the article, we will provide you with a list of how to clean home with solutions of vinegar and water, and sometimes with the addition of bicarbonate. These simple, low-cost, natural elements can make us independent from the detergent department of the supermarket. The chemical detergents on the market are not only aggressive (and risk damaging the surfaces of the house), they can be dangerous for human health and the environment.

Vinegar for cleaning floors: you see Vinegar for cleaning floors

Vinegar to clean the parquet

You can prepare a do-it-yourself detergent to clean wooden floors and parquet. Pour in 4 liters of warm water, 50 ml of white vinegar and a tablespoon of Marseille soap flakes. Mix the ingredients well to melt the Marseille soap. Remember that parquet does not like water so wring the cloth well before wiping it. To clean the parquet in a natural way you can find our articles useful:Natural methods for polishing parquet - Maintenance of parquet.

Vinegar to clean the refrigerator

To clean the fridge, dilute a few cups of vinegar in plenty of water, sprinkle the walls of the fridge and the areas to be treated, leave to act and dry carefully. The so-called "natural remedies" are best for cleaning the fridge or oven, appliances that are in constant contact with food and that must keep away from harmful chemicals. If your refrigerator does not emit a good smell, in addition to vinegar you can find useful natural remedies based on bicarbonate: dissolve 2 heaping tablespoons of bicarbonate in half a liter of water, the procedure is identical, that is, you will have to spray on the walls of the refrigerator and surfaces to be treated, leave to act for a couple of minutes and then dry.

Vinegar to clean the bathroom

Vinegar can help you clean the bathroom naturally. The vinegar acts as an excellent limescale remover and can give new splendor to the areas affected by limestone. For cleaning the bathroom, vinegar finds a good accomplice in baking soda. We point out the article:Do-it-yourself natural descaler

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Vinegar for cleaning the dishwasher

  • How to clean your dishwasher naturally

Tips: add vinegar to the laundry for the hygiene of the washing machine and clothes.
Two coffee cups full of vinegar can degrease and sanitize dirty garments, add them to the classic detergent to intensify their action.

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