How to save on home heating

How to save on home heating

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With the first colds, the heating systems in Italian homes come on again, this year with one more unknown: will the price of gas increase due to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis? Seeing as it's always best to be prepared, let's see some tips and tricks related to how to save on home heating, giving some relief to our finances and at the same time protecting the environment by avoiding the release of too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

There is no doubt that a save on home heating start by adjusting the thermostat with a little care, without exceeding 18 degrees; if you are still cold, a sweater is fine, otherwise you should check for drafts or evaluate the installation of double glazing on the windows (increasing not only thermal insulation but also allowing the related tax deductions). Even at night it is useless to keep the temperature too high, which could also be harmful to health. Never forget periodic checks on the boiler, as it may not work at its best. For save on home heating good ideas are also to insulate the walls or choose low-temperature heating systems such as underfloor heating.

Be careful not to waste too much gas even in the kitchen: using the lids and exploiting the heat of pots and pans for the last stages of cooking, turning off the flame, you can further cut the bill.

Finally a sure way to save on home heating is to evaluate the different offers of suppliers, comparing them with each other on comparator of At all times there are in fact numerous promotions dedicated especially to online customers that allow you to save a lot with the change of operator. For example, Acea Rapida Gas of Acea Energia freezes the price of the gas component for 12 months, as well as E-light gas of Enel Energia e Safe Price Web + Gas of A2A Energia. Natura Web Net Price by Hera Comm guarantees a discount of € 30 (€ 60 with dual fuel) directly in the bill, in addition to access to wholesale prices.

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