Renault Twizy, cost and versions

Renault Twizy, cost and versions

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Cost Renaul Twizy: from 6,990 euros for theRenault TwizyUrban 45 up to theprice€ 8,700 for the top of the range. At the purchase cost ofRenault Twizyit will be necessary to add up the monthly fee linked to the rental of the batteries which, including assistance and prompt replacement, varies from 49 to 99 euros based on the terms of mileage and contractual duration.

Renault Twizy, Autonomy
ThereRenault Twizyhas a'autonomydeclared to be approximately 100 km thanks to the 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery. As happens with fuel consumption, also theautonomyit can oscillate strongly depending on the driving style. The French manufacturer assumes aautonomyeffective of 80 km with standard guide and aautonomyminimum of 55 km if the pilot allows himself strong accelerations.

Renault Twizy, Charging times
THEcharging timesamount to about 3.5 hours with a 220 V socket and with the supplied cable housed in the front compartment.

Renault Twizy, Versions
The rangeTwizyofRenaultit consists of two main versions, each of which is equipped with three different trim levels. The two main versions see two different electric engines:

  • there Renault Twizy 45
    -with 7kW / 9cv electric motor
    -with 33 Nm of torque
    -with a maximum speed of 45 km / h
    - light quadricycle type, L6e homologation class, to ride it you just need to be 14 years old and have a license
  • thereRenault Twizy
    - with 13 kW / 17 hp engine
    -with 57 Nm of torque
    -with a maximum speed of 80 km
    - heavy quadricycle type, requires driving license (A1, A or B compatible license)

The trim levels forRenault TwizyI'm:

  • Cargo and Urban
    -13 ″ wheel covers
    -Black exterior mirrors
    - Front side deflectors
    -Black Urban seats
    -4 disc brakes
    - Driver's airbag
    -3 meter charging cable integrated in the front
  • Technic
    -Black 13 alloy wheels
    -Driver mat
    -Black / white Technic seats with external stripping
    -Black roof and dashboard
  • Sport Edition
    -Doors with gull wing opening
    -Audio system for portable devices with Bluetooth connection, USB, two speakers, control panel, microphone for the diffusion of music and hands-free kit for telephone
    -Brown Grain Harceli seats
    -Black internal harmony
    -Mirrors and doors in black
    -Sport White exterior striping

Renault Twizy, dimensions
Length: 234 cm
Width: 138 cm - Width with doors: 140 cm
Height: 145 cm
Height with doors open to the maximum: 198 cm
Maximum authorized weight for transport: 690 kg for Twizy
Payload: 137 kg for Twizy 45

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