How to dispose of cooking oil

How to dispose of cooking oil

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How to dispose of cooking oil: who among us doesn't love french fries? If we have just finished cooking some excellent fried donuts we are faced with the question ofdisposal of used cooking oil.

Throw away thefrying oilin the sink or bathroom plumbing is not a good idea at all! The damage caused by used oil is considerable: in Italy about 200,000 tons offried oil end up in the environment causing soil and water contamination.

Recycle cooking oil
Before we focus on the correctdisposal of cooking oil, let's see how we canto recyclethe so-called "fried oil". The most immediate method for recycle cooking oil consists in preparing it for a new frying.

Who wants to use several timesthe frying oilwill have to make some precautions:

  • Pass the oil through a sieve
    Drain the oil by sieving it in very tightly meshed gauze, this will help you eliminate some food residues that have ended up in the oil.
  • Separate the oil according to use
    If the oil has been used to fry vegetables, do not use it for frying animal fats. Conversely, if oil has been used for frying meat, do not use it for vegetables.
  • storage
    Store the oil in a cool, dark place, in a hermetically sealed container. The oil undergoes oxidation, so if you don't need it for a while, it will be better to place it in the refrigerator.
  • Deteriorated fried oil
    Beforereuse of cooking oil, check its appearance and smell. Beware of deteriorated or rancid oil. The oil does not have to bereusedwhen it has a browner color, greater viscosity, a rancid smell or when there is the presence of dissolved food at the bottom of the storage container.
  • Temperature
    If the oil starts to smoke when it reaches a temperature of 190 °, it is no longer suitable for cooking.

Recent research has shown thatreuse the same oil for different fryingit's very bad for your health. To access all the information, I invite you to visit the page:reuse the oil for frying.

It's possiblerecycle cooking oilto prepare new things such as homemade soap, natural insecticide or in the feeding of some pets (birds!). Those with many ambitions can use used cooking oil for the production of biodiesel.

How to dispose of used cooking oil
The process ofdisposal of cooking oilit's very simple. Just collect the oil in special containers (in the absence of these, you can use clean plastic containers such as old, thoroughly washed and dried detergent bottles) and deliver it to the collection points. In some cities of Italy, door-to-door collection is also active for oil. Those who do not have this service available can ask the municipality of residence where and when they can give their ownexhausted oil.



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