Electric garden shears

Electric garden shears

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A electric lopper it is ideal for the hobbyist who has a garden with some trees, hedges and shrubs to maintain.

Hobbyist yes but with the right tools, without polluting and in maximum safety.

The electric lopper it is perfect not only for pruning, but also for cutting the branches to be inserted in the shredder so as to prepare an excellent compost that will be used for fertilization and mulching.

Of electric cutters there aren't many on the market and the choice is quite limited. What I have tried and what I recommend is the KEO from Bosch.

There are three main reasons, which among other things I have seen confirmed in the online reviews of those who have already purchased it:

  • it is robust and can cut branches even of a certain diameter without effort by acting only on the trigger;
  • the battery (lithium) has a good duration and with a single recharge I made 123 cuts of branches of various thicknesses, a couple even more than 8 cm of the maximum recommended diameter;
  • the handle is comfortable and ergonomic so it does not tire the arm;
  • it is equipped with two safety devices: one is the safety guide that holds the branch still during cutting and allows you not to use two hands; the other that prevents involuntary start-up.

Defects? If the battery were interchangeable and there was a spare, the autonomy would be greater. But it wouldn't help me because my garden isn't that demanding.

I personally believe this cut me and the shredder are together an excellent electric kit (therefore low polluting) not only for the care of the garden, but also to become self-sufficient in managing pruning waste without having to take it to the landfill, as well as for the preparation of an excellent natural fertilizer.

Another advantage is that it can be purchased online on Amazon with home delivery in a few days without shipping costs.

If you are interested, you can find it here: Bosch KEO Garden Saw

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