How to grow leeks

How to grow leeks

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In winter the garden is not stopped; there are several vegetables that are suitable for winter cultivation. In this regard we will illustrate you how to grow leeks, which you can then collect with the arrival of summer. THE leeks they can withstand low winter temperatures well and adapt to any type of terrain. Among the different varieties of leek that we find on the market we find the Elephant, the Long winter giant, the Giant of Italy and the Grosso Corto d’Estate.

How to grow leeks, sowing

  • The seeds should be planted in a seedbed in a heated environment: the best period ranges from late December to early February.
  • From spring, late March-April, it is possible to plant them in the open ground: spring, late March-April,
  • For sowing in seedbeds just prepare a layer of peat, arrange the seeds after digging holes up to 1cm deep. Then cover the seeds with a layer of soil and water
  • It is possible to transfer the seedlings to open ground after they have developed sufficiently

How to grow leeks, directions

  • When growing, make sure there is light and fertile soil
  • Avoid cultivation after cabbage and potatoes: they go well with fennel, cabbage and lettuce.
  • The plants must be planted at a distance of about 20 cm from each other, leaving enough space even between the different rows.
  • To make the white part of the leek longer, you need to tuck the soil and tie some cardboard around the plants so that they are protected from the earth: this is an operation that must be done in the vegetative period, a period in which the plant needs more irrigation
  • Make sure that the ground is free from weeds: for this purpose it will be necessary to practice frequent weeding.
  • During the winter it is preferable to shelter young plants from frost or hail with the use of plastic sheets or cover them with straw to protect them from the cold.
  • Cultivation in pots is not recommended.

How to grow leek, the diseases
Among the diseases that can affect the leek we find the onion fly, the leek moth, thrips, rusts and the spore pin of the leek. To stem the damage, it is good to intervene with antifungals available in specialized shops and to be prevented, paying particular attention not to leave the soil too wet. Also avoid water stagnation.
If the leek is hit by eel, the plant must be burned.

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