Ginseng, the root of a thousand virtues

Ginseng, the root of a thousand virtues

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The ginseng it is obtained from the dried roots of Panax ginseng, a perennial and deciduous plant belonging to the “Araliacee” family. The root of the ginseng it is fleshy and fusiform, straw yellow in color, with a characteristic bitter taste and is edible. Not surprisingly not the ginseng is one of the most used and sold herbal products in the world!

Ginseng, the thousand virtues
The ginseng has a high content of vitamins such as B1, B2, C, essential oils and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron. It is also rich in polysaccharides and ginsenoside active ingredients such as triterpene saponins.
In the light of careful clinical and toxicological studies, they seem to confirm the vast beneficial potential contained in the root. Its ability to restore and regulate the right dynamic balance of our organism, increasing adaptation to environmental changes, makes Ginseng the most effective "natural adaptogen" in the world.
The recognized properties of Ginseng are many:
Increases resistance to infections and diseases

  • Improves general physical condition and prolongs life
  • Improve mental effort capacity
  • It reduces fatigue and increases vigor
  • Improve your vision. For further information on the properties of ginseng, click here

Ginseng, side effects and contraindications
Since it contains many active ingredients, it is advisable not to abuse it in order to avoid unpleasant side effects even if thorough toxicological tests would have found that this root is unable to cause any harmful contraindications for the human body.
The side effects found are: nausea, diarrhea, hives, hypertension, palpitations, headache, insomnia, as well as cases of allergy to the product itself
It is not recommended for those suffering from hypertension, bleeding, duodenal ulcer, anxiety and severe insomnia. In any case it is good to consult your doctor before taking the product.

Ginseng, use
Ginseng should not be taken for too long periods of intake: it is advisable to take it for a maximum of 5-7 weeks; a rest period must follow from the next intake.
ATTENTION: before taking ginseng it is good to check its origin and content; it can be found of low quality and cut together with other roots of dubious origin. In this regard, it is good to buy the product in a herbalist's shop or at shops that sell organic products. If you are looking for a remedy to increase the metabolism do not underestimate the power of and the properties of guarana: guarana, properties.

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