How to defend the vegetable garden from parasites

How to defend the vegetable garden from parasites

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A vegetable garden needs a lot of care, there are many adversities that plants can face, which can destroy the efforts spent for their cultivation. To avoid unpleasant inconveniences we can resort to specific preventive treatments that are available in specialized stores. However, these treatments do not prove harmless to the environment. Fortunately, there are also effective natural remedies, which in a simple and "organic" way allow us to preserve seasonal production and plant health. But let's see in detail how to protect the garden from parasites following our directions.

Defend the garden from pests with plants
With natural remedies, in addition to defending the environment, we obtain safer vegetables and do not damage insects that are useful to plants and their ecosystem, such as ladybugs, earthworms, bees and dragonflies.
Among the natural methods to combat pests and plant diseases, we can use "friendly" plants such as chives and garlic: they keep aphids away. Aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage and mint also prove to be very effective: they defend cabbage from cabbage butterflies. protect the garden from parasites, natural remedies

  • When the first parasites appear on plants, eliminate them with a jet of water or with milk or seed oil.
  • Keep the soil clean by removing dry leaves, especially cabbage leaves that attract snails and cabbage.
  • For prevention, use non-woven fabric: it keeps insects away by letting water and light filter through.

Defend the garden from parasites with decoctions
But if these precautions do not prove effective, we can resort to the application of "biological insecticides" consisting of decoctions, infusions and herbal extracts.

  • Against aphids, resort to an infusion of garlic, to be poured on the plants and on the ground
  • Against plant diseases of fungal origin, use a decoction of horsetail, to always be sprayed on plants and soil
  • Against parasites on plants, resort to nettle to be macerated and then left on the ground
  • Against aphids and snails, resort to chilli, to be reduced to powder, diluted with water and sprinkle on the plants.

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