The breathable thermal coat

The breathable thermal coat

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The breathable thermal coatit is the only system to radically and almost completely solve the problems of buildings caused by poor insulation, mold and condensation even when the origin is in the notorious thermal bridges on beams and pillars. Insulating performance, living comfort and carbon footprint, however, depend on the material used to make the coat. Natural blonde cork (which is different from roasted cork) is certainly a high-quality eco-friendly choice, even if it's not the cheapest.

Indeed the market offers several options thermal coat insulating, more or less valid and more or less cheap. The decision depends on the importance that is attached to the property, expectations in terms of living comfort and attention to the environment. Those who see the house not only in terms of economic thermals but also of living well-being will certainly consider the solution with natural blond cork.

The thermal coat natural blond cork insulation has the advantage of being breathable. That is, it isolates and eliminates thermal bridges that cause humidity and mold, among other things, but does not prevent the building from 'breathing' and dissipating the excess moisture that forms internally to the outside. In this way, conditions of thermal and hygrometric comfort are created inside that are much better than a non-breathable solution.

As for the energy saving of the breathable thermal coat, the reference point is the thermal K, which is determined by the characteristics and, among similar products, by the density of the material. The thing not to forget when making this assessment is that the year is made up of cold and hot months. If the performance of natural and synthetic insulators are equivalent in protecting from the cold, with a slight advantage for the latter, it is with the heat that you can see abysmal differences.

A thermal coat in synthetic material, as well as not being breathable, does not guarantee any protection when subjected to direct sunlight while the natural blond natural cork dampens the heat while keeping it outside. In this way the premises are cooler in the hottest hours of the day.

On noise protection, which can add value to a thermal coat, there is no competition. Due to its physical characteristics, cork is the material that best combines thermal and acoustic performance. It is dense, porous and elastic, exactly what it takes to absorb the sound wave and disperse it. Another characteristic of natural blond cork is that it is completely ecological and has a low environmental impact.

How is a breathable thermal coat in natural blond cork? Given that a specialized workforce is needed, the coat must be considered a 'system' in which all the elements that make it up, from the mortar to the reinforcing mesh, must be designed to work together. It is therefore advisable to choose a tested and complete system, then entrusting the implementation to specialists.

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