Living well outside the box

Living well outside the box

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Two books to travel, two books to discover that you can "live otherwise", and live well. Two books to turn the corner, free your mind and a 360-degree view of the green world. The traveling sociologist wrote them Manuel Olivares, active between London and Asia, founder in 2009 of the Viverealtrimenti publishing house and great master of the art of "living well outside of some usual patterns”.
"Municipalities, Communities, Ecovillages" is an interesting and lively excursus that crosses the universe of the community phenomenon in space and time from the first groups to the modern ones ecovillages with a keen eye and free of preconceptions. We read about radical Protestants, utopian socialists, anarchists, hippies, kibbutzniks and soft or hard ecologists, and even those who follow new age currents. There are many ways in which, throughout history and on continents, man has been able to share goods, needs and spaces in common with other men a purely ecological perspective, it is important to discover the variety of possibilities that exist. This volume is accurate and engaging at the right point for the reader to open his mind, abandon the individualist perspective, gently invited to share, in his own way, what he has and what he believes in, first of all if he believes that a respectful and loving attitude towards the environment and those who populate it can improve the whole world, Municipality by Municipality, Community by Community, Ecovillage for Ecovillage.

The book "Municipalities, Communities and Ecovillages" can be purchased for 11.70 euros on Amazon
If you have a Kindle eReader or the Kindle application for iPad, you can also download an excerpt from the book for free.

Tramps yes, but in their own home“, With the same intention of opening and sharing experiences, it takes on a different tone and gives poems and short stories capturing numerous moments of an existential journey that the author has made in 20 years of adventures and travels on two continents. One can freely wander in the words of Olivares, meet similar or dissimilar men and women, drawing from them the teachings that are considered most appropriate. Reading this collection brings with it the smells and flavors of far and near lands, small and big things that Olivares tell them become wonderful. Through his words they break down both geographical and mental barriers. Tramp, therefore, also in this sense, without keys and without rags that can keep him prisoner, only in this way can he wander through mysterious landscapes and meet different people and cultures to tell and then leave again.

"Tramps yes, but at home" can be purchased for 10.94 euros on Amazon
Again, you can download an excerpt of the book for free with a Kindle eReader or the Kindle application for iPad.

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