Old CDs to purify waste water

Old CDs to purify waste water

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To properly dispose of old music or data CDs, they must be placed in the WEEE collection containers. From here the insiders provide for any recovery of materials or, if among the insiders there is Din Ping Tsai, a physicist from the National Taiwan University, the oldCDYesrecycleto purify waste water.

The Chinese physicist has managed to develop a low-cost system capable of treating wastewater. The method developed by the expert uses UV light and zinc oxide and thus the old CDs act as a substrate for the entire treatment process. In the tests, the device was able to purify the waste water by removing over 95 percent of contaminants within one hour of treatment.

Although this system ofrecycling of old CDsit is wonderful, unfortunately it is unlikely that it will solve the problem of the accumulation of this WEEE waste: this device does not need a large number of CDs and, even if this application were to be adopted on a large scale, only a small fraction of discarded CDs would be recycled like this: currently CD production amounts to about 20 billion per year.

The device is small, consumes little energy and treats contaminated water more efficiently when compared to other wastewater purification systems based on photocatalytic elements. The device can be easily built and thus used for the treatment of domestic, urban, agricultural, farm wastewater and even for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

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