Cereal dispenser to save at home

Cereal dispenser to save at home

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Many supermarkets are popping up dispenserfor the purchase of detergents, liquid soaps and foodstuffs (pasta, cereals, legumes ...) in bulk. More responsible buyers can buycereals, legumes and pasta at retail, saving money and waste.

To store food inhomejust buy a distributorto be used a thousand times over, nothing to do with sachets and other disposable plastics. For example, ahome cereal dispenser, costs around 10 euros, can be used indefinitely and will always guarantee the same fragrance as the food it contains.

The most demanding people can choose adispensermore prestigious, as happens in every market sector, trends and fashions are not lacking, for example, returning to talk abouthousehold cereal dispensers, we cannot help but mention the brand "Brandani "that offersdispenserof different style. A triplecereal dispenserlike the one shown in the photo above, it costs around 50 euros while the single one, on the right, will cost around 25 euros. Fear not, there are also models ofdistributorscheaper.

There are millions of tons of waste that come only from food packaging. The waste problem is pressing, especially in a country like Italy where, in many places, separate waste collection is still struggling to establish itself.

Currently, most of the energy needs are met using non-renewable sources and this is also the case for the food industry. Food production involves large amounts of energy, with just as many CO2 emissions. The production of so-called packaging, or packaging, contributes to CO2 emissions related to food preparation. Plasticized cartons, canned goods, bags, plastics, aluminum… all these containers can be avoided when buying bulk food. Fortunately, many Italian families usedispenserwall or furniture, in which they storecereals, pasta and biscuits.

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