Working with WWF to make a difference

Working with WWF to make a difference

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Periodically theWWFpublishes proposals forworkalong with qualification or internship programs. The offices of theWWFscattered in more than 50 countries, all with the aim of safeguarding the environment and biodiversity. Who wantsto workwith the foundationWWF(acronym for World Wide Found for Nature) you can find what you are looking for in the Job Opportunities section of the WWF global portal. Who wantsworking with WWFwithout leaving Italy, you can send your application, with curriculum vitae, directly to the [email protected] address specifying the area of ​​interest.

“Working with theWWFit allowed me to follow my passions, gain experiences and increase my knowledge. I work in a very diverse team and I like to contribute to making the world a better place, above all, I love sharing my work with other people who live in harmony with nature. "

This is just one of the many testimonies from whomworks for the WWF, Valerie Kushata arrived in Africa and Madagascar with the WWFand there are still many job positions open on the international scene.

People coming from every "corner of the globe "are helping theWWFto build a future where human beings can finally live in harmony with nature. Theworkto do is the most disparate: there are those who go to monitor the Himalayan tigers, those who monitor the poachers of the Horn of Africa and those who hold briefings in the meeting rooms of the Brussels office, helping the communities of the Congo Basin from a distance to develop sustainable livelihoods.

TheWWFis looking for people determined to make a difference, talented, capable of teaming up and engaging. The last position ofworkopen fromWWFhe is full-time, he concerns an activity project that will end in 2016. Until next September 13th, interested parties will be able to submit their candidacy and propose themselves as Administrative Officer in the monitoring campaign of Pretoria, we are in South Africa.

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