Biodiversity as a value at EXPO 2015: it is talked about at the Festival

Biodiversity as a value at EXPO 2015: it is talked about at the Festival

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Water 'energy for life' is the theme of the 2013 (seventh) edition of Biodiversity Festival. The event, scheduled from 12 to 22 September at the North Park of Milan, has won the limelight by proposing over 100 events on nature and on sustainability which will take place at the Cascina Centro Parco but also in other places in the north of Milan. The underlying theme is biodiversity, which the Festival proposes as a cultural value toEXPO 2015 which will take place in Milan.

The organizers (lead partner is the North Milan Park Authority) explained that the theme of water as the main theme of Biodiversity Festival 2013 was chosen in accordance with theInternational Year of Water Cooperation proclaimed by the UN for 2013. Water is not only a source of life but is also the crucial element in the processes of Sustainable Development, for the integrity of the environment, the elimination of poverty and hunger, and the essential element for people's health and well-being.

Each of the initiatives included in the program was selected through a competition of ideas through which entities of various kinds and individual citizens were able to present their proposals. One came out Biodiversity Festival which consists of over 100 ideas of the most diverse: round tables and popular meetings with experts and scientists, natural concerts, painting and photography exhibitions, art installations, theatrical performances for adults and children.

The Biodiversity Festival 2013 it is also film screenings with an environmental theme, naturalistic visits and bicycle rides through the park, playful events, role-playing games, sensory and taste laboratories, soap production and grape pressing, anti-waste picnics, aquatic experiments, orchid exhibition , naturalistic tastings, themed dinners and organic markets.

The Biodiversity Festival 2013 will be inaugurated on Thursday 12 September at the MIC - Interactive Cinema Museum, with a round table entitled: 'Towards EXPO 2015, Biodiversity as a cultural value', which aims to make the Festival a prototype of reference for issues related to biodiversity during the next one Expo 2015.

Following, the national preview of the documentary film'A world in danger' which tells with spectacular images made with the most advanced shooting technologies the depopulation of hives, a phenomenon still not fully known, but with potentially devastating consequences for the entire ecosystem, given that more than a third of our diet depends on the pollination of bees.



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