Car sickness, natural remedies

Car sickness, natural remedies

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The holidays have arrived ... ... there are those who leave by ship, plane or car. But the car sickness it can be lurking and affect those who suffer from it, especially children. Of course we can not give up the holiday and then what to do against the car sickness? There are several specific pharmaceutical products to combat the car sickness, but we want to offer you natural remedies, thus guaranteeing you a double result: you feel better and you do not ingest substances of a chemical nature. So here's how to fight the car sickness, using mother nature.

Car sickness, symptoms
It goes without saying that car sickness is not only a prerogative of long journeys, it is enough simply to move by car to already feel the disturbance that manifests itself with nausea, hypersalivation, sweating and vomiting, creating havoc among the occupants of the vehicle. It would seem that the disorder is due to the irregular and intermittent stimulation of the centers that regulate the balance at the ear level. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 are especially affected: their vestibular apparatus is not yet fully formed.

Car sickness, prevention

  • Eat light meals, preferring foods low in fat and sugar, at least 2 hours before leaving
  • Drink a few drinks, preferably at room temperature
  • Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks

Car sickness, ginger
The first ally against the car sickness is ginger, it is a safe, ancient and effective natural remedy: ginger acts on the digestive system and not on the brain, therefore it is devoid of unpleasant side effects for the nervous system, such as sleepiness that drugs usually cause.
the fastest way is to buy dried ginger pills from the herbalist's shop and take 2 of them at least half an hour before the trip
Alternatively, a decoction of ginger root can be prepared. To prepare it, just let the sliced ​​ginger infuse in water, bring to a boil and let it boil over low heat for about twenty minutes. Once the decoction is ready, it must be drunk warm a few minutes before leaving.
If there is no time to prepare the decoction, as an alternative to pills, you can pour a few drops of ginger essential oil on a damp handkerchief and smell it during the trip.
You can also eat candied fruit or gingerbread cookies before setting off.

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