How to report the presence of asbestos

How to report the presence of asbestos

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L'asbestos it is a very harmful material for the health of the environment and of humans. For this reason its use was prohibited by a special law in 1992 which imposes the obligation of reclamation and disposal.

In this regard, it is the duty of every citizen to safeguard the environment by reporting the presence of asbestos both in public and private structures.

Characteristics of theasbestos
L'asbestos it can be compact and it is the case of canopies, gutters, flues, or friable which is the most dangerous and can be present in the heating pipes, in the insulation of fireplaces or in the windows and in the doors of stoves or boilers.
The obligation to removal of asbestos it is triggered if there are the extremes of a high state of degradation, when in practice it is friable and, therefore, able to release fibers. If the'asbestos should it be in conditions that do not cause concern, there is only the obligation of monitoring.

Report asbestos
To report the suspicious or dangerous presence of aasbestos, both in public and private places, it is necessary to fill in a self-notification form that can be downloaded from the website of your region. Alternatively, the form can be requested from your local health authority, paying attention to objectively describe the level of danger found.

Asbestos removal, costs
To remove the'asbestos, the costs are fully borne by the owner of the property and the removal must only be done by specialized companies registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers who in turn must certify the correct disposal in the appropriate landfills.

Asbestos bonus
Wanting to take advantage of eco-incentives in removing theasbestos you can use the "eternit bonus", this prize is awarded to those who replace asbestos roofs with photovoltaic panels. The only condition to obtain the eternity bonus is that asbestos must be disposed of together with the installation of the photovoltaic system; obviously the removal of eternity must be total and the entire surface where there was previously theasbestos, must be covered with solar panels: the surface of the photovoltaic system must be almost identical to that reclaimed, the tolerance margin is 10%. To apply to the eternity bonus photographic documentation showing the roof "before" and "after" the intervention must be shown.

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