Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice

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Aloe vera juice: how to take it (dosages, before or after meals ...) and what are its benefits. Where to buy aloe juice to drink or how to prepare it at home. Properties and recommendations.

Aloe vera juice, benefits and properties

L'Aloe Vera it's a plant well known thanks to its strong property purifying, soothing-digestive and tonic. From the plant we get the aloe gel, very popular for external use and also the juice to drink.

The aloe vera juiceit is rich in micronutrients that are important for the well-being of our body. It is said that the micronutrients in our body work as a team, those made with aloe vera juice would seem a perfect mix especially to improve gastro-intestinal functions.

The action carried out on the immune system should be highlightedaloe juice to drink it has an immunomodulating effect, that is capable of regulating the immune response and making us more resistant, not only to seasonal ailments but also to allergies. Among the othersproperty of the aloe vera juice there are those exerted on the gastro-intestinal system (stimulants, digestive and soothing) and properties on the liver (excellent for detoxifying the liver).

Aloe vera juice, how to take it

On the market there are different types of aloe vera juice, the most used is the cold extracted juice from the fresh leaves from which the external cuticles have been removed. The aloe vera juice it is sold in herbal medicine, the packages have a special measuring cup which usually corresponds to 20 ml. One measuring cup in the morning and another in the evening are sufficient for intake.

Should aloe juice be taken before or after meals?
It can be taken either on an empty stomach (just before a main meal) or on a full stomach (right after a meal). For better action, we recommend taking aloe vera just before eating a meal.

The aloe juice it does not taste pleasant. The bravest can take it pure or diluted in water but ... to make it more pleasant, you can take it diluted in fruit juice, in extracts or centrifuged.

Aloe vera juice, contraindications and side effects

Useful information: before starting treatment with the aloe juice it is advisable to consult your doctor. Never abuse the recommended doses and do the treatment for a maximum of one month, twice a year.

It is advisable to stick to the above doses, as the aloe juice vera could, in some cases, cause diarrhea (it has laxative properties), heartburn (due to its digestive and stimulating properties) and abdominal cramps. If one or more of these side effects should appear, stop taking it and consult your GP.

Aloe juice, recipe

In theory, it would be possible to extract aloe juice directly from the leaves of the plant. In practice, however, we advise against any production attemptdo-it-yourself. The reason? Aloe vera leaves are rich in aloin, a substance irritating to the intestine and with a powerful laxative effect. Generally, the aloe juice that we find on the market iswithout aloinor with a reduced amount of this active ingredient.

Where to buy aloe vera juice to drink?

The aloe juice to drinkit can be purchased in stores specializing in natural products, in the most well-stocked hypermarkets or herbalists. Alternatively you can take advantage of online shopping: there are many products on Amazon toobiologicaland come on prices competitive. Very popular, for its benefits, is the Zuccari line which manages to offer a liter of 100% pure aloe juice (obtained from organic cultivation) at a price of 16.16 euros with shipping costs included.

For all information on the product mentioned, please refer to "this Amazon page".

Why have we reported this product? Because it is pure aloe vera, unpasteurized, of certified origin and double concentration. This means that very often, the products you find on the market are with added water or other ingredients. We do not recommend buying aloe juice already diluted with cranberry juice, apple juice or enriched with other ingredients.

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