Growing peaches, practical guide

Growing peaches, practical guide

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Who wants grow peachesin the small home orchard he will have to be very careful in preparing the land for planting so that he can harvest the first onespeachesalready in the following summer.

Where to buy the Peach tree
Don't buy plants that already bear fruit. Do not buy potted plants, nor 3-4 year old plants.

The plants must be purchased in autumn, possibly order them as early as September directly from a producer. If you buy them from a dealer you will have to be careful to choose the specimens with rods placed in sand or in special nylon bags: the dealers are often too superficial and could sell you a badly maintained plant;

preferably choose bare-rooted spears, one year after grafting and with a diameter of about 2 cm at the collar and with a height of 150 - 200 cm. Pay attention to the choice of the variety, preferring the one that best suits the characteristics of the soil.

Growing peaches, planting

If times cultivate more plants than fishing, place them at a distance of 3 meters from each other, keeping them in the same row. To get vigorous and productive plants from the earliest years, you need to pay close attention to preparing the soil for planting.

We recommend planting at the dawn of autumn, before the onset of rains and on dry ground. If you are going to start onecultivationwith several specimens, it is advisable to carry out a soil analysis at a laboratory in order to make the necessary changes when working the soil. If it is acultivationdomestic we recommend continuing with abundant organic fertilization with mature manure (at least 8-12 months). Pollen should be avoided because it is too rich in urea nitrogen which could damage the roots of young plants.

Before planting, bury some organic fertilizer with a light plow that will also serve to remove any stones and stones from the ground. For the actual planting, manually dig a hole 50 cm deep and with a diameter of 50 cm. The hole is designed to accommodate the root system of the plants and are left open until the moment of implantation. When digging the hole, be careful to set aside the first 20 cm of soil: proceeding with the planting of the young plant, it must be put back on the surface.

Cultivating the peach tree, the care

To obtain a good harvest it is essential to provide irrigation: thepeach treesthey need little water as long as the fruits are as big as a walnut, while when these start to swell, a month and a half after ripening, they will need daily irrigation with abundant water supplies.

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