How to build a greenhouse on the balcony

How to build a greenhouse on the balcony

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If you want to have a small vegetable garden even in winter and you don't have space in the garden, you can build a small greenhouse to put on your balcony. In this way you can sow vegetables that have quite long development times: this is the case of tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines. You can transplant them into pots in spring and then harvest them in summer. Let's see in detail how to build a greenhouse on the balcony, following our step by step instructions.

How to build a greenhouse on the balcony, what we need

  • Polyethylene (PVC) sheet
  • Flexible hoses for plumbing

How to build a greenhouse on the balcony, the instructions

  1. Arrange the pots in a row on the balcony: prefer the rectangular ones to facilitate the operation
  2. Bend the hoses and insert them directly into the pot, into the soil, one after the other: you will create a sort of tunnel
  3. Then cover the arches with the polyethylene sheet fixing it to the arches or to the base of the vase
  4. At the end of the work, make sure you have left a flap of the sheet that is not completely fixed, so that it can be lifted easily. It is essential that there is a change of air in the greenhouse, to avoid mold and overheating.

The only drawback is that it will be practically impossible to move the pots for the entire time in which the greenhouse will be assembled, so before proceeding, consider this solution well.

How to build a greenhouse on the balcony, useful information

  • On a sunny day, open your greenhouse to avoid spoiling the vegetables
  • If you live in a place where the temperature drops a lot in winter, it is advisable to move the jars inside to prevent them from freezing
  • If you want to avoid the use of flexible pipes, you can simply take the cloth, spread it well over the plants and fix it on the balcony, railing or on the external cornice. You will then have to put a stone or a fairly heavy object on the sheet where it touches the ground, to ensure that the greenhouse environment is closed

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