How to flower a balcony, useful information

How to flower a balcony, useful information

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Do you want to set up a flowered balcony? In this guide you will find all the information on like blooming a balcony. It should be emphasized that before proceeding, it is good to keep in mind that plants are living organisms in need of care.

How to bloom a balcony, light exposure
Balconies facing north-east have less light, on the contrary, those facing south-west can enjoy excellent sun exposure. Based on this consideration, choose suitable plants. For shaded balconies, you can use flowering plants such as lily of the valley, astilbe, white Christmas rose, fritillaria meleagris or Ice Cream tulips. For balconies in full sun you can opt for flowering plants that are more resistant to heat and heat, such as purslane, daffodils, poppies, large-flowered crocuses, carnations, zinnia, summer star, geraniums, hyacinths ...

How to bloom a balcony, space
If your balcony is spacious, consider the idea of ​​placing a small palm tree in a corner. In any case, if you intend to insert a large number of planters, check the load capacity of your balcony: how much weight can it bear? In addition, if there is a lot of space, you will probably need a drip irrigation system, a water hose or an irrigation wand close at hand. It is tiring to irrigate many plants with the classic watering can.

How to bloom a balcony, irrigation
Irrigation depends on the plant, the exposure and the plan! The higher the balcony is, the sooner the soil will dry out. The soil of the plants must never be completely dry. A keen eye will be able to tell when the plants need to be watered.

How to flower a balcony, useful information

  • Choose pots, planters or containers that can ensure excellent drainage
  • Do not choose terracotta pots because they are too heavy, rather opt for synthetic and light materials: wood can be a good material but plastic is trendy and even cheaper. Remember to take saucers.
  • Place the large pots and planters on a mobile trolley, perhaps a platform with wheels that you can take inside in winter.

The idea of ​​setting up a vertical garden could also be valid: this could occupy part of the wall of a balcony. There are special planters or you can organize one with jars or an old pallet organized in boxes. Consider buying a hanging vase. In this regard, we refer you to the article "How to build a planter with pallets"

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