Recipes with the leftovers from the dinner against food waste

Recipes with the leftovers from the dinner against food waste

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Cooking with leftovers it is an art, but doing it with leftovers of the Christmas lunch or the dinner New Year's Eve is easier. However, good advice is always needed and here are three recipes filmed to prepare something good starting from leftovers of a classic dish: hake with broccoli and potatoes. The videos were made by the Addiction company on behalf of the appliance manufacturer Whirlpool.

The leftovers valued as ingredients in the three recipes they are respectively the skins of potatoes to make a tasty appetizer, the stems of broccoli as the basis for a tasty dish of paccheri and the scraps of fish for an elegant, as well as tasty, Provençal soup.

In Italy (data contained in the 2013 report on domestic waste produced by Knowledge for EXPO) food waste worth 8.7 billion euros, more than 7 euros per family every week. The total amount of this waste is worth 3% of national energy consumption.

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