Argan oil, properties and uses

Argan oil, properties and uses

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Argan oil: properties, uses and advice on face, hair and body care. How to use theArgan oil to make the most of its properties.

L'Argan oilit is extracted from the seeds of the plantThorny argan, endemic to southern Morocco. Argan oil is particularly appreciated for itspropertynutritional, cosmetic and medicinal products. In addition to having a strong cosmetic importance, theArgan oilis of considerable environmental importance: the Argan forest extends for about 800,000 hectares in the Souss plain, in Morocco and in 1998 UNESCO declared the area ofargan forestBiosphere reserve.

Food argan oil

Two different types are producedargan oils. A food argan oil and an argan oil for cosmetic use. Food argan oil is very different from cosmetic but not due to an additional refining process: before pressing to extract the argan oil for food use, the seeds must be toasted. Food argan oil can be used as a condiment for bread and salads. Despite the discrete virtues of food argan oil, from a nutritional point of view, our extra virgin olive oil is to be preferred.

Argan oil, cosmetic properties

L'Argan oilis a natural emollient, rich in nutrients, perfect for moisturize the skin in a natural way. It is easily absorbed by our skin so that it is the perfect ally for those with dry, flaky and damaged skin.

Used on the face, it makes the skin smooth and soft; in fact it can be applied all over the body, even on the skin and hair. It is famous for helping growth and for strengthening hair and nails, making them healthier and stronger.

L'use of argan oil to moisturize the face is particularly recommended, just think that this ingredient is popular for being a good natural anti-wrinkle. The actionanti ageit would be carried out by the antioxidant substances contained in cold extracted argan oil, ie substances such as tocopherols, vitamin E, fatty acids and flavonoids. These compounds perform a synergistic action to prevent the aging of skin tissues by counteracting the formation of free radicals.

Argan oil and natural anti-wrinkle do it yourself

To get a good do-it-yourself natural anti-wrinkle just add 3 drops of vanilla essential oil to every tablespoon of argan oil. This ointment can be applied in the morning, after carefully cleaning the skin and dabbing with a cotton swab.

Argan oil against stretch marks

L'argan oilexercises importantpropertyelasticizing thanks to the good content of polyphenols. To obtain an ointment useful for moisturizing the skin and counteracting stretch marks, you can add 3 drops of lemon essential oil to a tablespoon of argan oil. Apply by massaging and leave the skin greasy without rinsing.

Argan oil for hair care

To strengthen the hair and at the same time make it brighter and softer, just perform a compress based on argan oil. Apply the argan oil to damp hair, insisting especially on the ends. Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and leave on for 40 minutes before using the classic shampoo.

Where to buy argan oil

Where to find it? In the most well-stocked herbalists and shops specializing in the sale of natural products. Those who prefer online shopping can obtain significant savings by focusing on the periodic offers of Amazon. Among the products with the best value for money we point out three:

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  • 100% Pure Argan Oil - 500ml bottle
    Price: 31.99 euros. This is the convenience format, recommended for those who intend to use argan oil as a moisturizing after-shower or for the preparation of DIY soaps and ointments.

Argan oil in cosmetics - INCI

L'argan oilit is often used for the composition of wrinkle creams. In cosmetics labels, it is indicated by its INCI name,Argania spinosa Kernel oil. In the world of cosmetics, hydrogenated or ozonated forms of oil are available (although not very widespread), indicated by the INCI names: ozonized argan oil, hydrogenated argania spinosa kernel oil.

Argan oil is used in the formulation of soaps and bubble baths for its remarkable propertiespropertyemollients. In this context, its INCI will besodium arganate.

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