How to remove scratches from furniture

How to remove scratches from furniture

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How to remove scratches from furniture: instructions for removing scratches from furniture and tables, lacquered or rough, in wood or plastic.

A reader asked us, "how do i remove the scratches from the dining table? "So we decided to write a guide on how to remove scratches from furniture and from the tables, not only the wooden ones but also those in polyurethane (plastic) and lacquered furnishing accessories. There are manynatural remediesfor remove scratches from furniture, from waxes to alcohol, that's it how to remove deep scratches or surface from tables, furniture and furnishings.

Scratches on wooden furniture

What is needed? A soft cloth, wax or shellac

Scratches and scratches on wooden furniture have already been addressed in the articleHow to remove scratches from wood. As is clear, the main remedy, especially if it comes todeep scratches, consists in the use of wax sticks that golooseand used to physically "fill in" the scratch.

When the scratches are superficial, howeverremove scratches from furniture or wooden tablesjust use a paste / wax expertly spread with a soft cloth. Waxes and shellac used for polishing wood can be effective when the scratches to be removed are light, perhaps caused by the use of an abrasive mesh (steel wool). For all the details, please refer to the articleHow to polish woodwhere we will explain how to use beeswax and shellac for remove scratches from tables and furniture. In the articles indicated, there are instructions on where to buy shellac, polishing paste and wax sticks, complete with prices and advice on use.

Scratches on polyurethane tables and furniture or sealant wooden furniture and tables

Many wooden furniture has a glossy or lacquered finish. Sometimes the finish is given by lacquer, shellac or varnish but other times, to better protect the wood, the carpenters cover it with a layer of polyurethane or acrylic urethane. In these cases we speak of "sealing wood".

If you have scratched wooden tables and furniture and these have a glossy finish, in principle it will be enough to use the natural remedies seen above but when the scratches are deep, shock therapy will be required.

What do you need? Very fine-grained sandpaper, water, very fine steel wool (0000) and wax in paste for polishing.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Moisten the sandpaper with water
  2. Gently sand near the scratch. Follow the direction of the scratch (not rotationally!). Sand until a smooth, scratch-free surface is obtained.
  3. Clean thoroughly.
  4. Apply a coat of wax as abundant as the sanded surface is deep. Wait for the wax to dry (up to 12 hours or as prescribed on the label, remembering that the longer the waiting times, the better the yield obtained).
  5. Polish with a very fine grain steel wool until you get a homogeneous surface and remove any excess wax.

Scratches on lacquered and glossy furniture

If the finish is lacquered, you can use a nail polish remover or alcohol and then apply a new layer of shellac to prevent the surface from dulling excessively.

What do you need? Alcohol or nail polish remover, brush with semi-soft bristles and shellac.

Where to buy shellac? On Amazon, choose the one you think is more convenient by visiting the “Shellac on Amazon“ page.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Dip the brush in the solvent.
  2. Gently brush in the scratched area until the scratch is removed.
  3. If the surface becomes dull, clean thoroughly and apply a layer of shellac.

Among the non-natural remedies we point out the possibility of remove scratches from furnitureusing shoe polish (chromatin with a color compatible with the color of the furniture) to be fixed with a hairdryer, markers and polish enriched with dye.

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