How to make bread at home

How to make bread at home

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How to make bread at home: the recipe for preparing excellent homemade bread. Advice on flour to use and the right leavening. How to work the bread dough by hand or with a mixer.

The homemade bread has a fragrance that has no equal! For many it might seem a complicated operation, nothing more wrong: you just need to know how to choose the ingredients carefully and follow some important precautions during preparation.

I have to admit, I'm a real onefanof thefresh homemade bread. I love experimenting with different flours, ancient wheat varieties, blends and spices. To get oneloaf of breadwith an ancient flavor, I even managed to independently produce flours starting from organically grown wheat. For the complete guide: how to make flour at home.

Why is flour important? Because it makes the difference between fresh bread and tasty and fragrant bread! The bread dough is prepared with a few simple ingredients. Flour, water and yeast. Many avoid adding salt as well so as not to alter the authentic flavor of the flour… however I can't do without it, even if I use it less than I should.

Ok, now let's stop personal experiences and let's see in detail how to make bread at home following the classic recipe, step by step. If you follow these directions you will be proud of your work! At the end of the page there will be some tips to obtain, from time to time, an increasingly fragrant and tasty bread.

How to make bread at home: recipe

As stated, the ingredients make the result. Choose only quality ingredients, in the following proportions:

  • 650 grams of whole wheat flour, better if you choose a variety of ancient wheat.
  • 40 grams of mother yeast
  • 10 grams of salt (normally it would take 20 grams)
  • Warm water.

Advice on ingredients for making bread at home

If you don't like walking around mills or if you don't want to learn how to make flour at home, you can buy a type 0 or oo flour in any supermarket.

If you want to aim for the maximum, you can also opt for an ancient wheat flour: it costs more but has a much better nutritional profile.

If you can't find it in your trusted bakery you can also buy it online on Amazon where you will find different brands. Among the best this produced by Emilia food Love of which you see a photo below.

The water
The temperature must be kept between 25 and 29 °. A kitchen thermometer will help you a lot.

The mother yeast
Sourdough can be prepared at home very easily. Alternatively you can use the classic brewer's yeast. Natural yeast makes it possible to obtain a more digestible and undoubtedly tastier finished product. For all information, I invite you to visit the page "mother yeast”Where I explain how it is prepared and how it should be refreshed.

You can use classic sea salt or a particular salt like Hawaiian red salt, which it will addironto the final product! For a more particular flavor you can use Indian black salt, rich in sulfur and with a particular pungent odor. I warn you that not everyone likes the smell of sulfur ...!

How to make bread at home: preparation

Let's get to the procedure, here's how to prepare the dough by hand.

  1. Pour the flour on a wooden surface, add the in the center mother yeast, a little warm water and salt
  2. Start kneading until you have incorporated all the flour and continue until you get a soft and elastic dough
  3. Let it rest for about ten minutes, then put the dough in a very large bowl and close with plastic wrap
  4. Let rise in a warm spot
  5. When the dough has doubled in volume, take it back (floured your hands first) to be able to work it again and obtain two loaves that you will put back to rise for another hour, on the floured surface and covered with a very clean cloth
  6. Take back the loaves, overturn them on the baking sheet lightly greased with oil and on the smooth side delicately engrave a cross with a sharp blade
  7. Leave them to rest for 10/15 minutes
  8. Turn on the oven at a temperature of 210 ° / 220 °
  9. Bake in the center of the oven and cook for 40/45 minutes. check the cooking so as not to risk burning the loaves of bread
  10. Remove from the oven and let the bread cool on a rack.

The engravings on bread at home: what they are for

The incisions on homemade bread serve to improve cooking and to increase the amount of crust compared to the crumb.

They must always be carried out with a normal knife in the vertical direction and can also help create a more pleasant aesthetic appearance.

Homemade bread and convection oven

If you use a ventilated oven to bake your homemade bread, we recommend that you put a pan full of water in the oven in order to optimize the level of humidification during cooking.

Homemade bread with the bread machine

For some years it has been possible to buy special appliances to make bread at home with great ease. Of course, "you lose the poetry of do-it-yourself" but the result is generally excellent and the times obviously reduced.

Among the products that have received the best acclaim, also with regard to the comments of users who have purchased it on Amazon, I point out the bread machine Pain Plaisir by Moulinex.

Using it is very simple: just put the ingredients in the machine in the quantities required by one of the 12 automated programs, start and wait.

The types of bread that can be prepared are different, for example: plain bread, French bread, sweet bread, rye bread, wholemeal bread and gluten-free bread. It is also possible to obtain brioche, leavened dough and even cakes and jams.

Also interesting is the possibility to choose between different quantities, from 500 g to 1 kg of bread, depending on the needs. It is even possible to choose the appearance and characteristics of the crust: from just golden to darker and therefore more crunchy.

Moulinex's bread making machine

How to store homemade bread

The homemade bread it can be stored in a similar way to bread purchased from the bakery: inside a paper bag for food you can keep it for a couple of days, otherwise it is better to opt for the freezing in the freezer where is it it can be kept for about a month.

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