Make soap with leftover flakes

Make soap with leftover flakes

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Making soap with the flakes of the advanced soap bars it is an excellent way to consume the purchased product to the last. With the addition of a few other ingredients, you can also have fun with personalized compositions and new fragrances: with herbs, almonds, bran and why not with vegetables.

Here we talk about make soap but more than a 'doing' it is a 'remaking'. The main ingredients are in fact the flakes of worn soaps and soaps that can no longer be used but that we do not like to stick to new soaps.

How to recycle soap remnants

The soap residues can be used as detergent soap for washing by hand or in the washing machine, partially replacing the castile soap, or you can set them aside until you have a sufficient quantity to make soap in home. On the first option nothing to add, just make sure to chop the flakes before using them for laundry. Let's deal with the second.

THE remnants of soap we can already collect them in a pot that we will use only for this, maybe chopped with an electric grinder. When the quantity is sufficient to cover the bottom we will add distilled water just enough to cover and let it boil over low heat until a homogeneous paste is created.

The more the boiling continues, the firmer the soap paste becomes, so let's not overdo it. The right consistency is that of a jelly that we will pour into molds of our choice, letting it cool and solidify. It takes a couple of weeks, for make soap in the house it takes patience.

So far there basic recipe to regenerate the soap flakes as they were before. However, new ingredients can be added to customize the soap according to tastes and needs. Here are some suggestions.

How to make bran and oatmeal soap.

Bran and oatmeal are also used in cosmetics. To regenerate a soap of this type, just add bran to the mixture described above. Ditto with oat flakes after grinding them. Distilled water as required.

Making herb soap

What do we need? Rosemary has a stimulating and degreasing effect, sage is an antiseptic, chamomile is calming and moisturizing, mallow and calendula are very moisturizing, lavender has a balancing effect, aloe vera is emollient. The herbs are added to the mixture already dried and chopped, not fresh. To strengthen the effect, you can add essential oils (they can also be purchased online, below are some examples).

Making vegetable soap

Cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and more lend themselves well. Blend the vegetables with a little water and add the puree to the soap mixture. In this case it is useful to add a preservative, for example borax or grapefruit seed extract.

Make milk and honey or cocoa butter soap

All as above: the cocoa butter must be added to the extent of a few teaspoons after having melted it in a bain-marie. Milk is added in powder, honey (which in turn can be flavored) in teaspoons.

How to make disinfectant soap

In recovering the residues of old soap barsto make a completely new and personalized soap, you can use the essences you prefer.

Tea tree oil, for example, is perfect for obtaining a disinfectant soap, peppermint essential oil is good for exercising astringent properties ... Tea tree oil is an essential oil very appreciated in pharmacology, cosmetics and also for dental hygiene: just think that this ingredient is used as a disinfectant agent in listerine mouthwashes.

Be careful not to overdo it because the pure active ingredients are very powerful and can irritate the skin, so a few drops are enough for each bar of soap.

Where to buy the essential oil "tea tree oil" to prepare disinfectant soaps? Just go to the herbalist's shop or take advantage of the online purchase to snatch a lower price. For example, on this Amazon page a 50 ml bottle can be bought at a cost of 9.99 euros and free shipping.

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