Raincoats for dogs

Raincoats for dogs

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Raincoats for dogs: useful accessories or perverse tendency to humanize the dog? While "canine public opinion" is divided on this dilemma about raincoats for dogs, I went to see what's around. The types, the models, the functionality. Thus the dilemma does not remain an a priori stance but a consequence of an analysis on the merits.

Let's see the raincoats for dogs that there are and we think if they can be useful to us. The answer is not necessarily one and only one. For example to a cold little dog and home, of course you might like raincoats for dogs, if not too full of useless frills that would harm its dignity as an animal other than man.

At the same time a hunting dog or as a sled with an adventurer's face and face, can you tell me what he looks like on the playground with his fellows, if we put on him raincoats for dogs maybe with a lot of bows or puppets? Or with padding? To a sled dog?

In short, we need to understand the market for raincoats for dogs and what our dog needs. I can only help you for the first part and I do it by showing some articles that have impressed me and then leave you the freedom and, let's face it, also the fun, to range between the offers on the net. Rather, report the cutest ones to me. Or the most unlikely. With a comment or on social media: I could always write a second dedicated chapter.

Among raincoats for dogs less ordinary and perhaps more practical, it will be because I adore the human version, there is the one made to poncho. It is comfortable, or so it seems, and so it is when I wear the one for people. It is a jacket rainproof it also has the ventral strap so as to adhere and not flutter here and there if there is also wind.

It is super equipped even for desperate rains, because with a reflective band on the back it makes our dog visible even in storms or in gloomy evenings where, maybe if you live in an apartment, we are forced to take it for a "stroll".

In the offer of raincoats for dogs I have fished the ones that seem to me the most useful, practical and aimed at protecting our animal from the weather, and not at making it a clowning show at a discounted price and at the expense of its dignity, which I deeply respect.

So here's another example among raincoats for dogs that we could consider. In polyester and well lined, with Scottish pattern. It is available for small and medium-sized dogs and also in blue if you don't like colored patterns: they don't want anything! It is the best solution between elegance and protection. And it meets the needs of young and old.

With the raincoats for dogs, then, you can indulge yourself with models, shapes and colors and I leave you all the freedom to do it, perhaps leaving the mouse within reach so as to see how much your four-legged friend likes the cut of the garment you offer.

Instead, I present two alternatives to iraincoats for dogs which I found very tasty. One is not really an alternative, or rather, it can be but it can also represent a completion. Without going around it too much, I'm talking about waterproof slippers for dogs. You can find them on Amazon for less than 10 euros and they will make your dog happy. Then, with dry feet, we think better, we men but also they dogs.

Call them what you want but I find them an article that can be practical. It depends on the breed, where you live and habits, but for some of us hosts it could come as a relief, tired of clean paws on return.

They are 5.7 x 4.7 cm in size with a reasonable margin for error, and are made of silicone, obviously soft and easy to wear. Like the ankle boots that have been popular for a few years autumn winter among us humans, these too are colored and non-slip.

This instead is an alternative of its own, to raincoats for dogs, and it is innovative. I do not know the practicality and effectiveness, but it is worthy of attention. From tomorrow with this accessory you can take our friend out under the flood without making him wet, without dressing him up with raincoats for dogs to do their own needs, without having to worry about anything.

It is not magic but the umbrella-leash for dogs.Transparent, practical, with a sober design, repairs and acts as a leash. The diameter of the cover is approximately 70 cm.

Practical accessories or perversion of those who would like to see the dog treated as a human? Raincoats for dogs... each look in the mirror and above all look at the proposals and eyes of their dog, and give themselves an answer. Meanwhile, I am left with the curiosity to try this umbrella leash, for the ankle boots, I already have mine, even if not that nice purple.

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