German Bracco: character, appearance and price

German Bracco: character, appearance and price

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German Bracco, a super dog for a super owner, do you feel ready? It is neither a challenge nor an anti campaign German hound, rather. His is a super breed in all respects, positive and negative, but you have to be prepared to welcome one. Sure, it will make us feel super.

It is a pointing dog and comes from Germany and there are 4 types of German hounds: the short-haired one, Deutsch Kurzhaar, the German hound hard-haired, Drahthaar, the most common, followed by the other two, with long hair (Langhaar) and rough-haired (Stichelhaar).

German Bracco: origins

The first traces of German hound they date back to the seventeenth century when some hunters, coincidentally Germans, "played" with various breeds of European hounds already present in the area where they were active to obtain, through selections, a "their" hound. The German hound, in fact. They created it so that it could be a bit of a "handyman" dog, a hunting dog multipurpose, with some added pointer features.

German Bracco: aspect

The German hound is a dog with a champion physique, is 58 to 66 cm tall at the withers and can weigh from 25 to 30 kg. It has a noble and slender appearance, lean head and slightly rounded skull, the nose is not very evident and absolutely brown: lighter shades or spots are not allowed. Rigor, I dare say, German.

The muzzle is long and wide because used to bring prey, must be comfortable, the lips are pigmented and the eyes, very large, dark brown. Very expressive, lively. The ears fall along the muzzle of the German hound, they are fleshy but not too much.

All the physical of the German hound it tells of the restlessness that we will then reveal, for those who don't already have one. The thighs are wide, long and muscular, the feet are very small and rounded, the tail is thick at the base but tapers towards the end, not long, but aerodynamic.

The hair varies from type to type, in German dog Kurzhaar, which is the most common, is short and dense, on the head and ears it is finer and shorter, longer in the lower part of the tail. The most common color, for the German dog Kurzhaar but also for the others, it is brown. It goes well with both without spots or with various shades.

The other possible colors for the standard of German hound, less common, but accepted, are white, usually with brown markings on the head, and black which sometimes shows tan markings on shades of yellow.

Another distinction that you can find for the German hound it is the one between “show” specimens, more impressive, “gymnastic” and if hard-haired, more mustachioed, and more harmonious work specimens. The German hound of the second category it is drier, less hairy, if with harsh hair, and less hairy if with hard hair.

German Bracco: character and lifestyle

We come to the character of the German hound, which is what makes him the super dog I promised to introduce you to. The fact is that for this breed, more than many others, even very lively ones, running and moving is really essential. If they don't, if you don't make them, they freak out.

Yes, I'm almost Movement "addicts", they have to, it's a physical need, not controllable. A couple of friends, exhausted by this dog hyperactive who have taken and still love so much, with a tired smile he confessed to me: "the only solution is old age".

Not them, but del German hound that until now they have accompanied the park to run or in some way have had to let off steam by allowing them to advance at great strides. Not to prey, because they are not friends hunters, but towards nowhere, a ball, a meadow, the horizon.

This does not mean that the German hound is a very intelligent dog with a strong character that does not impose itself only in wanting to move. For this, the master must be a super master.

Like hunting dogs, being "Multipurpose" they know how to do a bit of everything, maybe there is also the specialized breed that, in a specific activity, surpasses them, but they are super dogs, let's not forget them.

"Very good at everything" say fans of the German hound, but also others who are less biased must admit that he is an active, enterprising dog and that he "gets along". Search, find, stop, report, retrieve the game wound: there is no hunting activity in which he is not stubborn and passionate in competition, with the enthusiasm we know.

German Bracco: price

The price of the German hound it varies from 500 to 800 euros, always talking about puppies, with pedigrees and bred with all the necessary rules and precautions. Online there are also lower prices, the advertiser can check the type of offer and guarantees. The help of a veterinary trust can be useful.

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