The maintenance of the hedge trimmer filters

The maintenance of the hedge trimmer filters

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Cleaning the filters of the hedge trimmer is a routine maintenance job of this garden tool. The filters of the hedge trimmer are cleaned just like the filters of the lawnmower, let's see in detail how to proceed.

We continue to talk about themaintenance of the hedge trimmer and this time we focus on the air filter and the fuel filter in case of one hedge trimmer to burst. Theremaintenance of the hedge trimmer, whether professional or hobbyist, it is essential to ensure the correct functioning of this garden tool. In the past we have seen how to sharpen the hedge trimmer blade to have a clean and burr-free cut both with electric hedge trimmers and with petrol engine hedge trimmers. Today we focus onmaintenance of the petrol hedge trimmerwhich periodically requires cleaning of the air filter and fuel filter.

Petrol hedge trimmer maintenance: cleaning the filters

Who has onepetrol hedge trimmerwill have toto cleanthe air filter every 20 working hours. To clean the air filter of the hedge trimmer, proceed as previously seen with the petrol lawn mower. That means:

Remove the filter from the housing and clean it.

To remove the filter, it is necessary to remove the protective casing which is removed only after closing the air valve. If you find yourself in front of a "tissue paper" type filter (it appears as a dark square with rounded sides) you will first have to shake it by beating it on a rigid surface (a bit spartan as a measure but effective!) And then blow it with compressed air maintaining the flow air at an adequate distance.

If you find yourself in front of a sponge filter, this must be washed with petrol or a degreasing detergent and then rinsed and dried as best as possible, even in this case you can help yourself with a flow of compressed air.

After cleaning the air filter with a brush, remember to also clean the housing where you are going to store the filter. When approaching the filter housing, pay close attention because you could accidentally throw dirt into the carburetor intake spark plug and damage the wear of yourspetrol hedge trimmer.

In addition to the air filter, the petrol hedge trimmer as well as the lawnmower requires maintenance at the level of the fuel filter. The fuel filter, if well maintained, should never become clogged. When I wrote "if well maintained" I meant that if you use thepetrol hedge trimmeralways with quality fuels such as alkylate mixtures, it will not have obstructions and therefore maintenance work is limited to a gentle cleaning of the filter and housing.

Should the fuel filter ever become clogged, know that to remove it from the tank it will be necessary to hook the tube of the float into the same tank with a wire bent into a hook. I assure you that it is more difficult to explain: just take a 10 mm diameter wire, bend one end into a hook, lower it into the tank and extract the filter.

Other works by maintenance of the hedge trimmer:

Sharpen the hedge trimmer, all the instructions for sharpening the hedge trimmer blade
- Maintenance of the spark plug of the hedge trimmer

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